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The First Blog - Let's Get This Out of the Way ;)

Posted on 29 September 2016

Hi Affinity Family! This is our introduction into the blogging world, and we hope that regular blog posts become a long standing tradition for us.  I think the first blog is a great opportunity to talk about what direction we want to go with this blog.  This is something we would love you guys to help us out with.  We feel this should be a place that is informative and helpful to the Affinity family and the skin care community.

We want to hear how we can better help you achieve your skin health goals. We have many ideas and if the community thinks they could benefit from any of them, then that is the direction that we will go.  

Also, we want to spend 30 minutes each week devoted to Facebook Live.  This would be a time for you to ask questions about skin care tips or tricks, product recommendations, or whatever you want that is skin care related.  We want to find a time that works for the most people.  The live video would remain on our Facebook page so everyone would be able to view it at anytime and benefit from the question and answer format. 

Let us know your thoughts!

Affinity Team

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