Babor - Moisture Plus Serum

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Babor - Moisture Plus Serum

This serum with active ingredients provides intensive distribution of moisture and long-lasting hydration for the skin.

Moisture Plus Serum Usage: Apply after cleansing to the skin. Use care cream on top if required.

Active Ingredients: Corn and wild seakale beet extract: Enhances the skin's own NMF factors to seal in and add moisture to the skin. Pomegranate extract: Increases formation of water channels (aquaporins) within the membranes of the cells, improves the distribution of moisture within skin. NMF factors (sugar compounds, amino acids, urea, salts): Bind and supply moisture. Aloe vera: Calming and moisturizing effect. Polysaccharides: Supplies moisture. Panthenol: Supplies moisture. Result: Activates the skin's hygroscopic agents (NMF)to seal in and add moisture to the skin. Provides deep-penetrating moisture. Allows it to flow through the skin better. Skin appears rosy, refreshed, smooth, and firm. Reduces dehydration lines.

Product Size: 1oz/30ml