Gunilla of Sweden - Beauty Skin Care

The founder, Gunilla Nilsson Ross, received her skincare credentials in 1962.  She was born in Sweden, and got her skin care education in England, Sweden, and the United States. Gunilla moved to the United States in 1974. Unable to find the botanically based products in America similar to those in Sweden, she started her own organic skin care company in 1987. For over 29 years Gunilla of Sweden® products were only sold to licensed skin care professionals.

Now,  in her mid-seventies, Gunilla is proof that when it comes to having great skin, there is no better way to slow the aging process and clear the symptoms of acne better than using high concentrations or botanical nutrients directly to the skin instead of using water as a main ingredient.

In a world where skin care is mostly water with minimal nutrients, hydroponically grown aloe and our proprietary clay are a significant departure from the norm. Gunilla of Sweden®. products contain the high concentrations of critical nutrients that your skin (the largest organ of your body) so seldom ever gets with common water based skin care. You will find few skin care brands with more botanical nutrients and less harsh chemicals. Gunilla of Sweden® is a different kind of skin care company.