Gunilla of Sweden - Brighten & Renew with 10% Alpha Hydroxy

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Formally Known as Gunilla of Sweden AKTA Alpha Hydroxy. New look, better packaging. 

GUNILLA Brighten & Renew Cream+Alpha hydroxy-8oz & 2oz

2oz Average estimated 6-8 week supply. 
97% 5-Star Rated Daily Resurfacing Treatment
Save 35% When Buying Pro Size- 4X Regular Size 
8oz Pro size for face and full body treatment
97% 4 & 5 Star Rated-Daily Resurfacing Treatment

GUNILLA Brighten and Renew Cream with 10% Alpha Hydroxy is a creamy, light and lucid to the touch daily resurfacing treatment. Designed to eliminate skin tingling associated with most alpha hydroxy products. Only non-synthetic, all natural fruit acids are used. 
Renowned by many skincare professionals as one of the finest Alpha Hydroxy available.

69% Active Botanical Content - 98.1% Natural Origin
Why you need it:

GUNILLA Brighten and Renew Cream exfoliates dead skin cells and can prevent future breakouts while minimizing brown spots, scars and fine lines. Smoothes skin texture and tone while balancing skin discoloration from environmental damage. For all skin types.

Primary Benefits:

Alpha Hydroxy Acids can minimize dark color spots through cell turnover. Infused with the hydro-organic amino acids, antioxidants, enzymes, minerals and vitamins your skin needs.


GUNILLA Brighten & Renew Cream contains a group of the most effective and well-researched of all AHA's. Made of 100% natural glycolic acid, lactic acid, malic acid, citric acid, and tartaric acid all in a 100% organic hydroponically grown aloe base.

Product Size is 2 oz & 8 oz