La Bella Donna

Utilizing only the finest earth-derived minerals, La Bella Donna has created one of the finest cosmetic lines available. Offering a complete collection of mineral-based cosmetics, La Bella Donna makes beauty more achievable than ever with formulations that nourish the skin while minimizing subtle flaws. All La Bella Donna formulas are free of harsh chemicals, dyes, oils, alcohol and fragrances, providing an all-natural way to enhance your beauty.

Originally introduced in premiere salons and day spas, La Bella Donna has become an international sensation. Its formulas are so gentle and effective that the brand is recommended by dermatologists and plastic surgeons for those with sensitive skin and even to cover post-procedural redness. Because all La Bella Donna products are made with the same natural ingredients, the products are interchangeable. A blush can be used as an eyeshadow, a lip liner can be an eye liner, and more. Feel free to experiment as you discover just how beautiful you can be with La Bella Donna.

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