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100% natural mud mask - Mineral Line

(5 doses 20 ml + spray bottle 50 ml)

Natural mask extracted from a fossil deposit rich in plants, minerals and trace elements. These components stimulate cellular metabolism and are essential to the beauty of the skin (any deficiency in trace elements leads to a chain reaction of skin imbalance). The Black Mask stimulates stressed and tired skin, purifies thick skin, revitalizes fine or mature skin, and gives a radiance boost to the complexion. Moisturizing Spray : essential to reinforce the action of the Mask which it maintains wet during the application. v

Texture :
Skin types :
normal, oily, mature, sensitive skin
Use :
apply to the face and neck by spraying the lotion
100% Made in France

Natural Black Mask


Natural mask extracted from a fossil deposit very rich in botanicals, minerals, and trace-elements. These elements stimulate cellular metabolism and are vital to the beauty of your skin (a lack of trace-elements will produce a reaction causing a skin disorder). The Natural Mud Mask stimulates tired and stressed skins, purifies thick skins, revitalizes thin and mature skins and lightens skin tone.