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REMY LAURE - Eye Contour Smoothing Cream

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Remy Laure Eye Contour Smoothing Cream

This eye contour smoothing cream is designed to deliver youthful eye contours. It helps decongest circulation that causes pouches and dark circles under eyes. It improves hydration and prevents skin-aging.

When used 2 times a day, the results can be seen quickly on small wrinkles. The very fine skin of the eye contour is younger-looking and fresh.

Eye Contour Smoothing Cream Usage: Use 2 times a day. Apply and massage onto eye area.

Active Ingredients: Complex of 3 molecules: HMC (Hesperide Methyl Chalcone), VW (Valvyl Tryptophane), Peptide PAL-GQPR, Complex of 2 matrikines and Chrisin extract, Hyaluronic acid, Marine Collagen.

Product Size is 0.5oz/15ml More Remy Laure Products