Nelly De Vuyst - BIO SCIENCE - Sensitive Skin Toner

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Nelly De Vuyst Sensitive Skin Toner

This sensitive skin toner is ideal for fragile and delicate skin. This mild formula is known for its soothing properties. It hydrates and relaxes the skin. It balances the skin's pH and improves the absorption of other skin care products.

Skin Types: All skin types Sensitive skin, prone to redness, prone to rosacea and inflammation Under-eye puffiness

Functions: Rebalances the skin’s pH and prepares it to receive the Nelly De Vuyst skin care. Prevents the appearance of cutaneous eruptions caused by the pH imbalance. Soothes and calms irritated skin. Ideal to use as a compress after micro dermabrasion, laser, IPL or RF. Ideal as a decongestive compress to relieve tired eyes. Alcohol free and propellant free it does not aggress the skin.

Directions: Use this light mist daily, after cleansing the skin. Spray over the face and the neck, avoiding the eyes. Let dry. Follow with Nelly De Vuyst skin care products for your skin type. Non-comedogenic and dermatology tested.

Product Size is 16.6oz or 3.3oz