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Babor - SKINOVAGE - Vitalizing Mask - Contents: 50 ml

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Vitalizing Mask is an exclusive activating face mask for tired, dull-looking skin. This mask helps to promote skin’s natural metabolism. Vitalizing Mask helps to promote skin rejuvenation. Helps protect against premature skin aging. This mask helps to strengthen skin’s natural protective barrier. Vitalizing Mask creates a rosy fresh appearance with a relaxed complexion with added radiance. 

Contains a special Power Peptide that mimics the action of Royalactin- the peptide found in Royal Jelly produced by honeybees for the Queen Bee. Based on scientific research, the Power Peptide helps make the skin more resistant against all external influences and factors. Skin appears healthier looking and feels smoother with a youthful glow.

Key Ingredients: 
• Power Peptide: Helps skin’s natural rejuvenation process, and helps combat against environmental factors. 
• Energy Plus Complex: Active ingredient complex of ATP, Align & Papaya Extract. Helps to stimulate skin’s natural renewal process, while regulating moisture levels in the skin. 
• Blue Light Protect: Comprised of: Cocoa Peptides, Saccharides, and Polyphenols. Due to its ability to help trap free radicals, it helps protect against premature skin aging.

• Non-comedogenic
• Esthetician Recommended
• No Animal Testing
• BABOR is the 2nd most sustainable luxury brand in Germany

Apply 1-2 times a week, after cleansing, to the face, neck, and décolleté. Time to take effect: 10-15 minutes, wash off any excess product. 

Dosage: A generous amount