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Osmosis Harmonized Water

Breathe - Osmosis Harmonized H20

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Breathe - Osmosis Harmonized H20

This formula is designed with targeted frequencies for lung health and also contains balancing frequencies for environmental toxins and allergens. Anyone with upper-respiratory problems should add this to their regimen. Note: This product is formulated with frequencies that are also in Environmental Protection. You do not need to take both waters. It can be used while on other allergy medicine. Disclaimer: We are not claiming any medical benefits from this water. This is not a replacement for medical treatments. Conditions: Asthma, Allergies


  • Enhances breathing 
  • Aids in opening airway 
  • Minimizes sensitivity to allergens

Harmonized H20 - Breathe Usage: Take 2ml twice daily (preferably with 2+ ounces of water). A mid-day dose may be necessary if symptoms persist

Product Size: 3.3oz/100ml

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