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Comfort Zone - Sacred Nature - Day Cream

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nourishing anti-age rich cream

Rich anti-aging cream, concentrated and nourishing, created with natural and organic active principles.

Certified organic cosmetic.

Ideal for skin particularly undernourished and exposed to cold climates.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS Product Ingredients

Butterfly Bush extract
Buriti oil
Organic distilled orange water
Jojoba oil
Shea butter

99% of ingredients of natural origin

BENEFITS Product Benefits

Revitalizing action.
Soft texture.
Quick absorption.
Anti-aging action.
Daily protection against cold climates.
20,84% of ingredients are from organic crops.
Without silicones: replaced by nourishing oils and butters for a ”true active beauty” skin action.

RESULTS Product Results

Reduced appearance of wrinkles by -16,6%.

50 ml - 1.69 fl.oz. US.