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  • CosMedix Phytoclear
  • CosMedix Phytoclear


CosMedix Phytoclear

$ 60.00



CosMedix Phytoclear

Clarifying Moisturizer Clarify menopausal and hormonally imbalanced skin Acne prone skin needs hydration to help maintain a healthy radiance. This moisturizer naturally minimizes bacteria and oil with a balance of Pregnenolone and Soy Isoflavones. It will stimulate collagen repair and production while keeping the pores clear.

Product Size is 2oz

Airless Pump Benefits: Antibacterial, collagen/repair stimulator, reduces oil production, hydrates.

Indications: For dehydrated/oily skin and acne. Cosmedix Phytoclear FREE Shipping in the USA

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