Germaine de Capuccini - Excel Therapy O2 - Pollution Defense Emulsion

Germaine de Capuccini - Excel Therapy O2 - Pollution Defense Emulsion

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Pollution Defense Eye Contour

Oxygenating Youth Activator Eye Contour 

A light and refreshing gel-cream, which promises to protect the contour, smooth wrinkles, minimize bags and dark circles, and brighten the look.

The first eye contour that shields this delicate area in front of the 4 silent enemies(air, solar, domestic and digital pollution).

It has a corrective action immediately, acting as a concealer that illuminates and camouflages dark circles and imperfections; effectively corrects bags and dark circles.

Its refreshing texture, with optical pigments and subtle pink tone, manage to bring the look to life.

Suitable for: all skin types from 30 years old.

Formula: It contains MPC-Defense Complex, Life-Cytoxygen, Triple Anti-Pollution Shielding and Blue Light Block, which acts as Digital Anti-Pollution Shield.

In addition, its formula contains aTetrappeptide, which camouflages lasojeras thanks to its pink color and anti-bag action.

Presentation: 15 ml.

Application: Apply tomorrow and night or when you need it, with a light massage. Always take it with you to use it as many times a day as your gaze needs. One gesture and you will be able to refresh and rest the fatigued gaze.