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GUINOT HYDRA BEAUTE MILK - Formerly known as Hydra Confort Milk

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GUINOT Hydra Beaute Toning Lotion - Formerly Hydra Confort Cleansing Milk


(Lotion Hydra Confort) This toning lotion completes your cleansing regimen. Designed with a combination of Allantoin and Lotus Extract to soften, heal, and calm dry skin, this gentle toner delivers a non-irritating, final cleanse while removing any last traces of makeup and impurities. This allows skin to better absorb subsequent products. Skin is fully hydrated, smooth, comfortable, and the natural pH is restored.

Size: 200ml

Comforting Toning Lotion Directions: Use every morning and evening after cleansing. Apply onto face and neck with a cotton pad.

Active Ingredients: Lotus Extract, Allantoin, Fig Extract.