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GUINOT - Lift Firming Radiance Face Mask

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GUINOT - Lift Firming Radiance Face Mask

Masque Eclat Lifting This specially formulated face cream helps firm skin and smooth the facial contours. It fights slackening firmness and fatigue that occurs over time to the face. It is ideal for all skin types, especially damaged or dry skin. The exclusive non-woven fabric envelops skin to leave it looking refreshed, hydrated, and more radiant. Vitamin C helps restore youthful vitality to skin. This paraben-free formula is manufactured to pharmaceutical standards. It imparts precious radiance-enhancing and firming active ingredients that deliver younger-looking skin in less than 10 minutes

Lift Firming Radiance Face Mask Usage: Apply a thin layer over entire face, leave for ten minutes and then rinse off. Use before a special occasion when you feel that you need an extra boost of lift and radiance in just ten minutes. Remove the mask by using light circular movements to allow the remaining product to penetrate into the skin.

Active Ingredients: Pro Collagen: Increases the production of Elastic fibers, combats skin slackening and helps prevent the loss of firmness and elasticity. Dynalift and Lifting Firming Complex: Smooth facial features and combat slackening by forming a protective film that coats the skin's surface and lifts. Stabilized Vitamin C: Enhances radiance by smoothing the skin's surface and reducing skin pigmentation problems. Hydrocyte Complex: Hydrates and binds water at the hear of the cells.

Product Size is 4 x 19ml Sachets