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Nelly De Vuyst Oleaslim Oil

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Nelly De Vuyst Oleaslim Oil

This oil delivers a deep treatment that combats the excess buildup of fat on the surface of cellulite filled skin. It is designed with essential oils, which help activate capillary circulation, with Caffeine, a potent lipo-reducer, and astringent hemostatic properties to help encourage circulation. These work to remove tissues of excess fat. Orange peel skin become less visible. The skin becomes firm and smooth.

Directions: In the evening and/or in the morning, exfoliate the skin. Rinse and dry the skin thoroughly. Apply the Oleaslim to the body. Massage lightly into the skin until completely absorbed. For optimal results, follow with a massage with the Nelly De Vuyst Oleaslim Cream. Non-comedogenic and dermatology tested. For external use only. Avoid contact with the eyes.

Product Size: 3.3oz Retail or 16.6 Pro size