Phytomer -  AQUA OPTIMAL - Face and Eye Soothing Moisturizer - Mens

Phytomer - AQUA OPTIMAL - Face and Eye Soothing Moisturizer - Mens

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Soothing Cream

This two-in-one formula for the face and eye area is infused with highly moisturizing and soothing ingredients to quench the skin and calm all skin sensitivities, including razor-burn. Its light-weight hydration melts into the skin for a fresh finish.


"Apply morning and/or evening to the face and eye contour, on perfectly cleansed skin. Ideal after shaving. Non-comedogenic."


HYDRATION BOOSTER: Stimulates the synthesis of the weaving proteins of collagen and elastin fibers and improves their structure. The skin’s water reservoir is bigger, more watertight, and stronger.

Activates the synthesis of hyaluronic acid and boosts the dermis’s natural water retention functions.

SOOTHING ALLY: Reduces the IL-1α release, which causes
81%* of inflammatory reactions.

MATIFYING EXPERT**: After 1 hour*, the level of sebum on the skin’s surface decreases. This effect continues even 5 hours after the application. After 1 hour*, shine on the skin diminishes. This effect continues even 8 hours after the application without drying the skin. After 1 hour*, the hydration rate increases. This effect continues and lightly increases until 5 hours after the application.

OXYGENATE ALGAE: Improves the cellular cohesion due to its high mineral and oligo-element content. 

*In vitro tests on the ingredient.
**Absolute Marine Matifier.