Phytomer - HYDRACONTINUE - 12h Moisturizing Flash Gel

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Hydracontinue 12h Moisturizing Flash Gel

Long Duration Moisturizing Gel This refreshing gel infuses skin with moisturizing agents from morning until night with an "anti-thirst" cosmetic formula, a real moisturizing bath for the skin.

Ultra-convenient, HYDRACONTINUE 12h Moisturizing Flash Gel adapts to all situations and offers a multitude of uses:

  • Alone for those in a hurry
  • Applied under facial cream for purists in skin care 
  • Blended with facial cream for fans of customization -
  • Blended with foundation for makeup touch-ups Its ultra-soft gel texture.
  • Suitable for all skin types.

PHYTOMER scientists discovered the exceptional power of Weaving Algae to keep water deep within the skin and thereby prevent dehydration. They restructure skin's water reservoir for a better storage of water and an ideal diffusion throughout the epidermis. The moisturizing results are exceptional: skin is ideally hydrated after the first application. After 2 weeks skin is perfectly irrigated, as if its thirst is quenched.

Active ingredients

Weaving Algae: Restructures the skin's water reserves to enable optimum diffusion in the epidermis and prevents dehydration.
Hydra-8 Complex: Designed to form a protective film on the surface of the skin and enhance the ability of the epidermis to trap and retain water.