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Phytomer - PIONNIERE XMF - Reset Eye Fluid

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Reset Eye Fluid

Global anti-aging innovation for the eye area

PHYTOMER offers you the power of two biotechnological activators combined in a light emulsion and accented with delicate pigments that blend into skin instantly to give your eyes new youth. This concentrate of marine biotechnology is able to restore a sparkling, youthful look in just seven days. After one week, dark circles and puffiness are less visible, eyelids are lifted, wrinkles have faded and radiance is revived.

Clinical results

Super moisturizing
After 15 min: up to + 94% hydration*
Leaves the eye area smooth and relaxed 80%**

Panoramic action on the eye area
Approved by more than 7 out of 10 women**

Visible youth effect***
Highlighting of eyes****

*Hydration test by corneometry® on 10 volunteers; partial result on 4 volunteers, average 72%.
**Satisfaction test, evaluation by 22 volunteers, results after one application and after twice-daily application for 7 days.
***Clinical test on 24 volunteers after twice-daily use for 1 month. ****Clinical scoring on 24 volunteers after twice-daily application for one month.

Scientific innovations


On the cutting-edge of green technology, PHYTOMER researchers obtain this marine complex by combining two activators with remarkable properties: an oligofurcellaran and a blue micro alga.
Oligofurcellaran is a marine sugar obtained using an environmentally responsible extraction method. It was selected because of a high molecular weight that enables it to form a protective shield on the surface of the skin and prevent cutaneous dehydration.
The blue micro alga is grown in photobioreactors and obtained through a 100% green process. PHYTOMER researchers chose it for its exceptional depolluting properties.
Upon application, the ALGORESET biotechnological activator helps protect skin from pollution and encourages the restoration of a non-polluted aspect.

Active ingredients

Algoreset: An eco-responsible biotechnological activator able to reset skin to a non-polluted state.
EPS XMF, Extra Marine Filler*: A 100% natural smoothing and density-adding biotechnological activator
Algolight Complex composed of:
- Palmaria Palmata: Action on shadows caused by tissue congestion.
- Dictyopteris: Acts on dark circles due to hyperpigmentation of the skin.
- Ondontella Aurita: Controls puffiness by preventing lipogenesis.
- Pigments and Pearls: Radiance revealing action.

 * Marine Wrinkle Filler