Relax & wax - Peachy Clean

Relax & wax - Peachy Clean

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Peachy Clean 8oz~ Lactic Cleanser

Excellent for all skin types. Improves texture, exfoliates, and reduces the signs of aging: A light foaming lactic cleanser to eliminate dead skin cells. When lactic acid is applied topically and regularly it reduces the appearance of aging. It is a good remedy against fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of premature aging from sun damage. Lactic improves the texture of the skin through exfoliation, revealing the glow of healthy skin cells hidden underneath. Lactic also reduces acne scars, age related spots and pigmentation. Lactic stimulates collagen growth in the deeper layers of the skin. When Lactic acid and an emollient are combined its a two-step knockout. Lactic exfoliates allowing for more moisture to the new skin below.


Sulfate Free

Glycerin: a natural vegetable-based humectant, which reduces skin irritation, and increases moisturization.

Lactic Acid: helps maintain proper acidic environment for vaginal flora. In addition, helps stimulate exfoliation and cell renewal as well as providing moisturization, it provides anti-aging benefits and helps to obtain smoother, younger and brighter looking skin.