Relax & Wax - Tea Tree Oil

Relax & Wax - Tea Tree Oil

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Tea Tree Oil ~ 8oz

A wonderful prep oil for our hard wax. We added tea tree oil for it’s anti- bacterial properties. We recommend using our oil when using hard wax. It creates a barrier which does not allow the wax to adhere to the skin, only to the hair. It is also recommended when using soft wax on sensitive or dry skin. Use before waxing to prep and after wax to remove any wax you may have left behind. 

Ingredients: Tea Tree oil

Use a small amount of oil prior to applying hard wax. The oil will prep the skin by putting a barrier between the skin and the wax, allowing the wax to only adhere to the hair. Your wax will glide easily on the skin making application easier. Our oil is a highly refined vegetable oil that will not absorb into the skin. We also added Tea Tree oil for its bacterial properties. Can be used with soft wax on sensitive areas or on dry dehydrated skin. Use after waxing on legs & arms for any wax residue left behind. We do not recommend using oil as a clean up on other areas of the body, instead use our Clean Sweep Pre & Post Cleanser.