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Remy Laure

Remy Laure D.N.A. Beauty Cream 1.7oz

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Remy Laure D.N.A. Beauty Cream

This beauty cream is an effective moisturizer that is very rich in nutrients. This Jasmine-scented, very fine cream is formulated with Moor Water and other natural ingredients, which are rich in essential amino acids and Vitamin E. This cream will not destroy or damage the hydrolipidic film that shields the skin from the elements.

Product Size 1.7oz/50ml

D.N.A. Beauty Cream Usage:

Use every morning and evening. Apply onto skin after cleansing.

Active Ingredients:

D.N.A. (stimulating, moisturizing, repairing, purifying), Soya, Corn and Sunflower Oils (moisturizing, softening, nourishing), Vitamins E and F (regenerating, anti-oxidant), Beeswax (softening)

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