D.N.A. Tonic Lotion

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Alcohol-free facial tonic lotion - D.N.A. line

(bottle 250 ml)

The alcohol-free DNA Lotion softens, soothes and stimulates all skin types. It completes the action of Rémy Laure's DNA Cleansing Cream. Pure DNA and the amino acids regenerate and stimulate the epidermis. Invigorated, it optimizes the assimilation of Rémy Laure beauty products applied afterwards.

Texture :
Skin types :
normal, dry, mature, sensitive skin
Use :
apply to face and neck with a cotton pad
100% Made in France

Remy Laure DNA Tonic Lotion

This tonic lotion has 4 main advantages: antioxidant, skin tissue regenerator, anti-UV inhibitor, and moisturizer. This alcohol free lotion tones, refreshes, and stimulates to leave the skin feeling soft and velvety. It effectively preserves the natural moisture of the skin. It is very good for oily, sensitive, dehydrated, mature, or dry skin. It is great for healing small acne scars. It also contains Moor water and many other natural ingredients.

DNA Tonic Lotion Usage: Apply onto face with cotton after applying Cleansing Milk. Reapply for a spectacular effect and dry the skin.

Active Ingredients: Pure DNA and RNA, Arginine, Glycerin and Mineral water.

Product Size is 8.5oz/251ml