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REMY LAURE - Lifting Serum with Vitamin C

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Remy Laure Lifting Serum


Non-oily lifting and smoothing serum with immediate energizing effect. Vitamins are contained in a gel of soybean proteins and linseeds that close the pores and give the skin a satin-like quality. This lifting, micro-encapsulated fluid is based on a cocktail of vitamins A, C, E, and F with an ideal concentration associated with vegetal proteins. Vitamin C, which is fragile, is protected by microsphers that liberate it when they touch the skin. It has an antioxidant action, activates collagen synthesis and tones the skin. Vitamin A increases epidermis suppleness and firmness. Vitamin E, associated with the other vitamins, improves cellular renewal and microcirculation while brightening the complexion. This is the definitive answer to the major causes of skin aging.

Lifting Serum with Vitamin C

Usage: Use every evening. Apply 2-4 drops onto the face, neck, and decollete after cleansing. Apply more than 4 drops for a lifting effect. Active


Ingredients: Vitamin A, C, E & F, Soya Protein, Linseed extract and Urea.

Product Size: 1oz/30ml