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Remy Laure Moisturizing Spray Lotion

This spray lotion is ideal for many daily uses,  refreshing moisturizing lotion which gives a sensation of cool comfort. Essential for use in conjonction with the Black Mask, in order to keep it moist. This is including sensitivity, dehydration, and stress. It can also be sprayed inside the airplane or car to recharge the air with negative ions.

Use every morning for activating make-up. Use at night to calm and soothe stressed skin.

Moisturizing Spray Lotion Usage: Spray the Black Mask to keep it shining and wet. Can be sprayed several times during the application.

Active Ingredients: Mineral water, Natural Moisturizing Factor, Bladderwrack extract, Lactococcus Ferment Extract.

Product Size is 8.5oz/251ml