REMY LAURE - Nutrimoor Serum

REMY LAURE - Nutrimoor Serum

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Nourishing night cream - Dry skin line

(50 ml jar)

At a certain period of time, your skin expresses needs that you did not feel before. Nutrimoor Night cream uses 3 powerful natural active ingredients whose molecules instruct the skin to stimulate collagen and elastin synthesis.

Texture :
rich cream
Skin types :
dry or mature skin
Use :
apply in the evening to clean skin
100% Made in France

Remy Laure NutriMoor Serum

This serum is a real repair and nutrition cocktail with 9 active ingredients (17% active). It delivers fast results on mature, dry, or tired skin. This serum is also the best solution for aging skin. This particular serum contains a 17% active ingredients:

  • Extracts of beechtree buds (also named « tree of eternal youth », living up to 150 years) which represent full energetic tanks stimulating the metabolism and oxygen consumption of cells.
  • Macadamia and Rose bush oils : naturally rich in unsaturated fatty acids. Softening and nourishing properties.
  • Mango an Wheat germ butters : rich, emollient and softening, they protect the skin. Also rich in Vitamin E (wheat germ).
  • Isocell Life© is a powerfull moisturize and cellular regenerator using phospholipids to transport water through the skin.
  • TMG : natural amino-acid with hydroregulating and protecting properties (against extreme cold and chemicals such as soaps, shampoos and cleansers).
  • Complex extracted from linen/soya/wheat : mainly composed of essential fatty acids, phospholipids, retinol and tocopherol, it reinforces the cellular cohesion and « repupls » the skin.

This serum works very well on mature, dry, or tired skin.

Usage: Use 2 times a day. Apply a few drops onto skin before applying the Nutrimoor Day/Night Cream.

Should also be used as a preventive action at age 35 and older.

Active Ingredients: Macadamia and Rosa Moschata oils, T.M.G., Fagus Sylvatica, Concentration of phospholipids, Lipidic active ingredient, Mango butter, Wheat Germ butter and Vitamin A.

Product Size is 1oz/30ml