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Remy Laure

Remy Laure Organic Hydration Cream

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Remy Laure Organic Hydration Cream

This hydration contains all the active ingredients needed to for good skin nutrition and protection from environmental exposure. Its 99% natural ingredients are protected from light and air in a special airless bottle. It is ideal for all skin types. Product Size is 1.4oz/40ml 99% natural ingredients. Paraben-free formula.
No petrochemical ingredient.
100% natural fragrance.
No synthetic coloring agent. Main ingredients and actions : Shea Butter : extracted from nuts of a very popular tree in Africa, this butter is highly nourishing and hydrating for the skin. It also has smoothing and anti-inflammatory properties Sweet almond oil : extracted from almond kernels by cold pressing, this very fine oil is well accepted by all skins. It contains many essential fatty acids having wonderful nourishing, hydrating and soothing properties. Hazelnut oil : obtained by cold-press of Mediterranean nuts, this oil is very rich in unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E. Highly appreciated for massage, it leaves the skin smooth but not shiny. Recommended for balancing the skin, whether oily, sensitive, or dry. Nourishing and hydrating. Sesame oil : this plant has been used since ancient times in various cures, especially in India (Ayurveda traditional medicine). Very rich in Vitamin E, mineral salts, and selenium. It also contains two natural anti-oxidants which favor cellular renewal. Made of 80 to 85% of unsaturated fatty acids, it improves the fluidity of the cellular membrane, thereby boosting cellular exchanges (nutrition & removal of waste). Bitter Orange essential oil: the essential oil is extracted from leaves and small branches. Its smell is very floral. Main properties : anti-inflammatory, regenerating, stimulating, regulating sebum, balancing cellular metabolism. Rosemary essential oil : rosemary is a typical plant of the south of France. It has been used for centuries, especially for cooking and medicinal purposes. Main properties : antiseptic, healing of small scars, stimulating cellular renewal, anti-bacteria. Sage essential oil : the legend tells that Zeus was raised by a goat near a sage bush which gave the milk a divine power. Since that time, the "plant of Jupiter" has had extraordinary qualities. This essential oil is energizing and fights all fatigue and stress types (muscular pain, anxiety, depression, unbalanced skin or hair, hair loss...). Used in massage or bath, it will favor blood circulation while removing toxins. It is used in cosmetics mainly for its tonifying, astringent, antiseptic, antioxidant and balancing properties. Thyme essential oil : used by ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans for perfume as well as cooking. The essential oil is extracted from flowers. Main properties : antiseptic, purifying, anti-oxidant, stimulating cell's defenses to fight environmental aggressors. Titan oxide : natural mineral used in organic cosmetics to protect the skin from the sun. Centella Asiatica : originated from India (Himalaya) and Madagascar, it was used in ancient times to cure skin diseases. It has numerous properties : healing of small scars, anti-bacteria, regenerating, increase in collagen synthesis, softening. Organic Skin Care Line Usage: On dry skin (previously cleansed with Remy Laure's Organic Gentle Cleanser), apply a small quantity of cream to face and neck, and massage gently until completely absorbed. For More Remy Laure Products

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