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  • Remy Laure Purifying Gel

Remy Laure

Remy Laure Purifying Gel

$ 60.80



Remy Laure Purifying Gel

This purifying gel is mixed with hydrating, purifying, and balancing active ingredients to help give oily skin an oil-free, refreshing feeling while purifying the pores.

In a non-oily and delicately perfumed texture, Remy Laure has mixed balancing, purifying, and hydrating active ingredients, in order to give oily skins a fresh and oil-free skin feeling, while purifying skin pores.

  • Tapioca starch (absorbs sebum, removes excess oil)
  • Milk protein (balancing)
  • Moringa oil (purifying, anti-polution)
  • Imperica cylindrica extract (hydrating)


Purifying Gel Usage: Apply every morning on cleansed skin.

Active Ingredients: tapioca starch (absorbs sebum, removes excess oil), milk protein (balancing), moringa oil (purifying, anti-pollution), imperica cylindrica extract (hydrating).

Product Size: 1.7oz/50ml

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