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  • Remy Laure - Rejuvenyl - Phyto-Aromatic Complex

Remy Laure

Remy Laure - Rejuvenyl - Phyto-Aromatic Complex

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Remy Laure Phyto Aroma Complex

This 100% natural fluid helps balance the cellular metabolism and detoxifies the skin to make it look younger and fresh. The essential oils will improve the natural defense of the skin, while purifying and stimulating the skin. It is for ages 30 and up. One ampoule is formulated with 2 treatments. Use every AM and PM as a lifting treatment. Use this for 20 days and renew this treatment every 3 months. Phyto Aroma Complex Usage: Use every morning and evening. Apply onto face after cleansing. Ideal for use as a treatment for 20 days and renew treatment every 3 months from ages 30 and over. Active Ingredients: Magnesium, Rosemary extract, Hamamelis extract, Essential oil of Geranium, Essential oil of Sage, Essential oil of Parsley, Essential oil of Sandalwood, Centella Asiatica Extract Product Size: 10 X 3 ml

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