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REMY LAURE - Slimness Day Gel

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Remy Laure - Slimness Day Gel

This day gel is designed to ease cellulite zones (arms, stomach, buttocks, thighs) and to relieve heavy legs. This day gel is light, rich, and quickly penetrates without leaving a sticky feeling. Slimness Day Gel Usage: Use with the complementary Slimness Night Gel. Apply every morning after shower. Ideal for use on cellulite zones : arms, stomach, thighs, and buttocks. Can be applied onto legs during the day. Active Ingredients: Plant complex of arnica, cypress, and Solomon's seal (polygonatum multiflorum), Green coffee (coffea arabica) and yerba mate (ilex paraguariensis) extracts, Algisium, Pineapple powder and Menthyle lactalate Product Sizes: 5.1oz/150 or 10.1oz/300ml