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Remy Laure

Remy Laure Volcanic Thermal Mud

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Remy Laure Volcanic Thermal Mud

This volcanic thermal mud comes from the depths of the Pacific, where a volcano formed 3 millions years ago. It is a blend of thermal water and of volcanic earth that nature had macerated for centuries.

Volcanic Thermal Mud Usage: Apply onto face and neck after cleansing and moisturizing. Warm up the mud and create a face mask out of plastic or aluminum. Apply mud and cover face with mask. Wait 15 minutes, remove with sponges or spatulas, and spray the Moisturizing spray. Apply Moisturizing Cream or Visa Day Cream.

Active Ingredients: Minerals and trace elements: Speed up the biologic exchanges, regenerate cellular activity, and stimulate the skin metabolism.

Product Size: 5 Individual treatment packets 5 X 20 ml.  More Remy Laure Products

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