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Soft and velvety, issued from years of research, this unique Yon-Ka "smart serum" focuses on the skin's youthful appearance.
The innovative "CELL-ENERGY" complex, with 7 patents, relies on 5 principles of the skin functions** : 
- Boost the proteins responsible longevity (sirtuine 1, survivine),
- Act upon the energy resources for an oxygenated complexion,
- Reestablish a sound communication between the cells to help regain tone and firmness,
- Strengthen the defense mechanisms that fight aggression,
- Help promote oxygenation and bring back skin radiance. 

This compound is completed with essential oils. Their hints of citruses, enhanced with woody scents, turn the application of CELLULAR CODE SERUM into a true censorial experience.

*7 patents on the actives of the CELL-ENERGY complex and the manufacturing processes of Cellular Code.
** Ex-vivo trials for Cellular Code; In-vitro and ex-vivo on the actives.

 A booster to use before your day or night cream

After cleansing your skin, then toned with LOTION YON-KA , press 2 or 3 pumps of the product and apply to your face and neck. It is absorbed by the skin faster than an eye could flick ! This quick and easy step can be part of your morning and evening routine before you apply your regular cream. 
Be careful not to put the serum into your eyes.


CELLULAR CODE SERUM helps make the most of EXCELLENCE CODE CRÈME , by reducing the appearance of lines and signs of tiredness, and by strengthening the skin's tone and elasticity.


* Lipoaminoacid (issued from alanine by biotechnology) and baicaline (a polyphenol issued from the Baïkal Scullcap root) : vitality and youthfulness of the skin cells 
* Lipoaminoacid : cellular communication and defense potential 
* D-ribose (sucre complex sugar issued from corn seeds) : cellular energy 
* Garden nastrutium : cellular oxygenation 
* Yon-Ka Quintessence, essential oils of bergamot, lemon, mandarin, rose, tonka bean, guaiac wood : invigorating - resourcing

Tolerance tested under dermatological control
Non comedogenic

90 %* : The skin is radiant
80%* : The skin looks plumped, visibly more beautiful 
85%* : The skin is firmer, more toned 
74 %** : Fine lines are smoothed
85% * : The complexion looks oxygenated
80%* : The features look rested, the complexion is more even 

* Self-assessment - Clinical survey carried with 20 women of ages 19 to 39, combination to oily skins, all prone to acne 
with application twice a day for 4 weeks.